Disaster-Related Strategic Planning and Special Support

The CPDM plays an integral role in disaster preparation and response strategy and tactics throughout the state, including in the two largest metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Faculty plan, coordinate, and evaluate disaster exercises throughout Oklahoma.  In addition, CPDM faculty have responded in situations ranging from tornadoes to ice storms and wildfires.

CPDM staff provide support to the Mayor of Tulsa through the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency, and to Oklahoma through the State Department of Health.

CPDM is an active partner with the public-service model ground EMS service covering Oklahoma City and Tulsa (EMSA), and occasionally co-responds with EMSA's strike force when major disasters strike. Faculty members serve as team members on the state's urban search and rescue (USAR) team OK TF-1, and the Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team OK DMAT-1.