Training Facilities

The US Census Bureau reports that the metropolitan area of Tulsa is just over 1,000,000. The regional populace is served by three major hospitals. In keeping with the spirit of OU School of Community Medicine's goal to provide community-wide care, the OUDEM residency comprises rotations at each of these three medical centers.  

Hillcrest Medical Center

Hillcrest Medical Center is a 760-bed facility on historic Route 66, with annualized ED volumes running between 55,000-60,000. HMC's unique location borders on both the upscale "midtown" and downtown areas, but the medical center is also the closest facility to North Tulsa -- where virtually all of the city's penetrating trauma occurs. This means that OUDEM practitioners must be able -- and are often are called upon -- to simultaneously care for businesspersons with ACS and "drive-up, drop-off" shooting or stabbing victims.

HMC's ED also has a substantial pediatric volume (>22% of visits). In both adults and children, the area's suboptimal access to longitudinal care means that acuity is relatively high due to poor long-term disease management.

In recent years, Hillcrest has opened the Peggy V. Helmerich Women's Health Center and the Oklahoma Heart Institute. The Alexander Burn Center at Hillcrest serves as Tulsa's only resource for this special patient population. In addition to rotations in Hillcrest's state-of-the-art ED (opening date: 2014), OUDEM resident rotations at Hillcrest include Obstetrics/Gynecology, Burn Surgery, Anesthesia, Critical Care, Hand Surgery, and Interventional Radiology.

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Saint Francis Hospital

Saint Francis Hospital, adjacent to LaFortune Park on Tulsa's south side, is a 918-bed facility serving a relatively middle-class and suburban population. Resident rotations at SFH vary by year, but include time on ENT, with the Trauma Surgery service, and in the Pediatric ICU at The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis.

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St. John Medical Center

St. John Medical Center is a 564-bed hospital located in midtown Tulsa, across the street from one of America's first outdoor shopping malls (the historic Utica Square shopping area, constructed in the 1950s). As is the case with SFH, rotations vary by year, but include time on the Trauma Service, the Trauma Orthopedics Service, and in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. 

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